DIY Among Us Halloween Costumes

Time to plan out those Among Us Halloween costumes! There are not many options online for the bigger kids that want Among Us costumes, so here are our ideas for DIY (do-it-yourself) costumes! My teenagers at home helped put these ideas together.

Among Us Costume Main Body

First you need to choose the color of which Among Us Crewmate you want to be. We have two easy and cheap solutions for this part. A trashcan or a jumpsuit. Quick and easy is a jumpsuit and they come in every color!

We’re not sure if it’s easy to Vent with a trashcan costume but we’d love to see you try.

Get a big trashcan. Saw off the bottom. Keep the handles so you have a way to hang it from you shoulders with whatever you have laying around. If you can’t find the color you want, a can of spray paint should do the trick! Make sure you have a T-Shirt of the same color. Pants, preferably black.

If a trashcan is too difficult, we suggest making a tube using poster board.

Among Us Costume Backpack

Find a cheap backpack that matches your Crewmate color. This is also the perfect size for stashing all of that candy loot on the way to the Reactor.

Among Us Costume Facemask

If you want to be really cheap, just wear a swimming facemask!

Our favorite option is this spacesuit mask. Wear it as you run through your neighborhood Skeld!

You can also wear an Among Us Sleepmask. We suggest to place it on your forehead unless you want to run into things blindly!

Among Us Halloween Costume Accessories

Most of the items you can find around your home! Strap a roll of TP to the top of your head. Carry around a plastic flamingo. Wear a crown. Pick some flowers and put in your hair. The options are endless. We suggest since it’s Halloween to use a pumpkin or witch hat.

We hope you have fun making your DIY Among Us Halloween Costumes! Among Us fans… send us your costume pics!