Among Us Halloween Costumes for Teens & Adults

Among Us Halloween costumes for teens and adults can be a bit challenging. There are a lot of options for the little guys but what about those teen and adult Among Us fans?

Well my teens have decided to trick-or-treat together with an Among Us theme. They sat to Discuss and here are the results. Now they just need to Vote on who is the Impostor!

Among Us Halloween Costume Idea #1

This costume has all of us laughing hysterically. Can you imagine teens walking (venting?) down the street in these? My four kids really want, insisting that it does come in four different colors, one for each! Red Crewmate, Blue Crewmate, Black Crewmate, Yellow Crewmate!

Among Us Halloween Costume Idea #2

If your teens want to go out trick-or-treating with a group of friends, this next idea is really simple and inexpensive. Impostor and Crewmate Among Us T-shirts or Hoodies! See some of the options below:

Among Us Halloween Costume Idea #3

Jumpsuits. They come in a wide range of colors. Then each Crewmate teen or adult can accessorize with their favorite hat, etc like they choose while playing Among Us. My four teens are leaning toward this option because there are several color options and they can be more creative!

We can’t wait to see what Among Us Halloween costumes for teens and adults you and your friends come up with! Send us your group photos and we’ll put them on our site.