Among Us Halloween Decorations You’d Love to Sabotage

Last of week of September! Time to get those Among Us Halloween Decorations up! Our family has come up with some really scary Among Us decorations and want to share those ideas with you.

Among Us Balloons

This Among Us Halloween decoration idea is for those who have zero time to decorate, have to host a party, or just don’t have much space/yard to decorate. We live in an apartment building and think these would look great going up the steps to our floor and tied to our balcony.

Among Us Lights

These Among Us LED lights make great Halloween decorations! They would look awesome glowing in your front windows as trick-or-treaters come by. You can choose which color combinations you want.

Among Us Halloween Banner

An Among Us Halloween banner would look great on your front door or garage. This one is 30×40 inches.

Among Us Halloween Starry Sky Backdrop

Let your trick-or-treaters pose in front of your Among Us Halloween banner. The starry sky theme goes well with the Among Us background from the game. Check out some cool photo accessories from one of our previous posts!

Among Us Halloween Trick-or-Treat Favors

So many kids love Among Us stickers, buttons, and bracelets. These “party favors” are perfect for handing out with the Halloween candy!

We hope you like our Among Us Halloween decoration ideas! Send us pics and we’ll post on our site!