Among Us Costumes for Kids – It’s Halloween!

We have covered several Halloween costume ideas in our past posts for Adults & Teens and also some DIY ideas. Now it’s time to talk kid costumes for the little ones!

Among Us Halloween costumes are not very easy to find but these are the best out there after searching high and low.

Among Us Crewmate Costume

This is the #1 kids Among Us Crewmate costume. There are several color options and these are easy to accessorize!

Among Us Halloween for Babies – Too Cute to Be Sus!

My teen girls squealed “so cute!” when they saw these! Baby Crewmates can go trick-or-treating with their Crewmate Siblings!

Among Us Halloween Baby Crewmate

Color coordinate your baby’s Halloween costume with the family! Here is a simple Among Us Crewmate “costume” that you can accessorize with your baby. Pink flower headband, baby witch or pumpkin hat, etc.

Among Us Halloween Costumes for a Group

Kids love to dress up as a team when trick-or-treating. Send off a group of Among Us Crewmates to do their Tasks!

Among Us Crewmate Halloween Hoodie

Some kids struggle with full body costumes. This Among Us Hoodie works well for kids who want to feel like they’re wearing normal clothes while trick-or-treating.

Among Us Halloween – Big Sabotage Costume!

If your child can wear this walking down the street he or she is sure to sabotage all of those around them. It’s bulky but it is FUN!

We hope you like the Among Us Halloween costumes we found! Send us pics and we’ll post to our site!