Among Us Room Decor for Kids

Time to redecorate your child’s bedroom in their favorite Among Us theme! I’ve asked my child Crewmate “S” to assist with her ideas. She would like to emphasize that boys AND girls love Among Us themes for their rooms!

Among Us Floor Rug

We have found the cutest Among Us area rug for a child’s bedroom. This large size will look nice in your child’s room. Due to it’s larger size, it would also be a nice floormat in an Among Us playroom!

Among Us Wall Stickers

These large Among Us wall stickers make decorating any room easier. We recommend sticking them on the walls AND the ceiling!

Among Us Bedsheets

We found a lot of options for Among Us bedsheets. Crewmate “S” says that this particular set is really cute and would match nicely with her light turquoise bedroom walls!

Among Us Lamp or Nightlight

Certain Crewmates in our home still need a nightlight in their rooms! This LED Among Us Lamp has 7 different color options and will ensure that the Impostor is not hiding under the bed!

Among Us Plush for Decoration

Of course any kids room needs more stuffed animals! In this case, a large Among Us plushie would look great in an Among Us themed bedroom. This 12″ plush comes in Cyan, Red, and Pink. Other sizes and colors are available as well.

We hope you like our Among Us room decoration ideas! Send us pics of your favorite Among Us setup and we’ll post on our site!

* Feature image credit: Pinterest