Cute Among Us Swag for Babies

Our family now has four teenagers… three of them babysitters! They have given input on what they think is cute Among Us swag for babies! Introducing: All things Baby Crewmate!

Task 1: Among Us Crewmate Coming Home from the Hospital Outfit

Forget the traditional baby elephant or pink bow outfits. Choose a funky new baby trend and dress your newborn as an Among Us baby when coming home from the hospital. Some Crewmates are also born at home or a birth center or MedBay!

Choose white or any basic color from the Among Us theme and then accessorize with any headband you want…. pink flower, a banana, flamingo, etc.!

Onesies for babies are not warm enough alone. Add some socks, a hat, and a cute Space Themed baby blanket or muslin swaddler!

For older siblings joining in on the fun, an Among Us Crewmate Tshirt!

Task 2: Acquire Among Us Baby Supplies

Among Us hasn’t been around long enough for there to be much Among Us baby gear. But we have ideas!

Accessorize your Diaper Bag or full-function Stroller with Among Us swag!

Task 3: Among Us Swag for Baby’s Room

There are SO MANY CUTE OPTIONS for space-themed crib sheets in an Among Us baby room! Here are our top 3 favorites! We can’t pick just one!

A baby’s room absolutely needs some cute aesthetic wallpaper. Our solution is to use a few of these (nonviolent!) adorable Among Us wall decals! We especially love the Among Us Pets and Among Us Ghosts and Bears!

These decals will also look cute on baby furniture, such as a changing table, and even the diaper pail!

Bonus Task 4: Among Us style rugs and curtains

A rug for a baby room gives a splash of color when decorating! Consider galaxy curtains too!

Let us know what you’ve chosen for your baby’s room or as Among Us baby swag for gifts!