Among Us Gameplay – Our Top Ten Among Us Hacks

In our household of 4 teenagers, we have 4 different strategists for how they compete against each other, their parents, and friends. Here are their top ten Among Us hacks!
(as Reported by Crewmate S.)

Gameplay Hack #1 – Learn those Tasks

For Impostors: Make sure you know how all the Tasks work so if someone accuses you, you sound knowledgeable as if you were really doing the task and not hunting down your next victim.

Gameplay Hack #2 – Accuse Quickly

For Impostors: Nothing is worse than using a Vent or Killing and getting caught! Be quick to Report first and you have a good chance of convincing the other Crewmates that it wasn’t you.

Gameplay Hack #3 – Disable the Lights

As an Impostor, stand in a group of Crewmates. Disable the lights. Stab a Crewmate in the back. None of the players will know it’s you but have fun Accusing!

Gameplay Hack #4 – Kill Safe Crewmates First

For Impostors: If you see some successfully scan in MedBay or otherwise prove to be safe, make sure to kill them off first. This leaves unproven Crewmates to be more sus by others.

Gameplay Hack #5 – Lock the Doors

As an Impostor, you can wait until you are in a room with your next Crewmate victim. They enter, you Sabotage by locking all the doors, then stab away. No one will catch you in the act! Vent away before the doors are unlocked again.

Gameplay Hack #6 – Vote with the Group!

If you are the Impostor and someone else is accused, join in and accuse. Use just enough info to make the other Crewmates think you have a good reason to Vote that player out.

Gameplay Hack #7 – Prove your innocence ASAP

For Crewmates: Do those Weapons, Trash or Medbay scans ASAP to prove you are not the Impostor. But be aware you are the next target of the Impostor!

Gameplay Hack #8 – There is Safety in Numbers

As a Crewmate you have a better chance of survival by sticking with a safe friend. Don’t go down dark hallways alone!

Gameplay Hack #9 – Do Your Tasks Quickly

For Crewmates: Learn to pull the trash chute before those leaves hit the bottom. Memorize how to sort artifacts. Every second counts towards your survival!

Gameplay Hack #10 – Always Fix the Sabotage

Finally, do not assume that someone else will fix the Sabotage. Running out of time is a Victory for the Impostor!

We hope you’ve liked our Among Us tips and tricks to make you a more successful Among Us