Among Us Wall Decorations

Among Us Fan Art has exploded over the past year! We Sus that most of you can’t draw so well so here are some amazing artists and ideas for sprucing up your bedroom, office, or game room walls.

Among Us Mini Wall Posters

These are amazing! Our in-house Among Us artists saw these and were so inspired to try a new technique. These are being ordered for an Among Us Christmas gift for one our our Crewmates…. we’re not telling who because it’s a surprise from Santa!

Among Us Wall Tapestries

These Among Us posters are printed on canvas. They would look super cute in a child’s bedroom!

Among Us Bathroom Wall Decorations

These Among Us posters are hysterical! We are so excited to see that someone’s made such funny posters that are perfect for a kid’s bathroom. Maybe we should ask Santa for these too!?

Among US Customizable Posters

We really think this poster would look great in an office or bedroom! What’s even more cool about these posters is that the company can customize them for the size that you need. You can contact their Admin for more assistance.

Among Us Wall Decals

For those who want a bit of flexibility over bigger posters, our Discuss revealed that Among Us wall decals were a perfect solution. This is our favorite set:

Among Us Peek into Space

This large wall decal is super cool! It looks like there’s a hole in the side of the Skeld and we’re peeking out at some Among Us Crewmates! Are they Sus or are they just doing their Tasks?

Let us know what kind of Among Us Wall Decorations you have! Send a fan pic and we’ll post it on our site!