About Us

Greetings from the Skeld!

We are so excited to share our family Business 101 project! With a house full of teenagers, we parents decided to jump in with our kids and work together to problem solve and develop new skills.

Crewmate 1 (Dad) worked his SEO mastery and taught us all how search engines and such work. We consider this Navigation skills.

Crewmate 2 (Mom) had to learn how to source products.

Crewmate 3 (The Eldest) demonstrated her self-taught illustration and animation skills to bring us the images we needed.

Crewmate 4 (The Boy) kept everyone fed and watched our backs while we finished our Tasks. We are happy to report that no dead bodies were found in the process.

Crewmates 5 & 6 (The Twins) used their knowledge of social media to inform us on latest trends. Red Crewmates are evidently the most popular, because Red Sus.

Crewmate 7 (The House Bunny) didn’t do much but Vent from one room to the next, sabotaging wires wherever he went.

The dream for this site began when trying to find cool Among Us gifts and toys for friends. We could not find exactly what we needed or enough variety in one place. We hope that our handpicked inventory is to your liking.

Now go do your Tasks!